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October 13, 2021 3:00pm EST

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Meet the Warlock

From Saturday Night Live to the World’s #1 VWAP Trader

Kenny started his career working off-screen at Saturday Night Live and performing in New York comedy clubs. 

Then, in an attempt to move out of his parents' basement, he took a job selling stock from a boiler room. There he learned the sad truth about Wall Street.

Nobody knew what the market was going to do. Nobody cared. All that mattered was selling as much stock as possible.

Then after years of jumping from firm to firm he found the day trader’s holy grail: the VWAP. The one indicator that could give him a minute-to-minute view of what the market was likely to do next. And everything changed.

Today Kenny is the world’s #1 VWAP trader and has dedicated himself to showing everyday people how to change their life using the VWAP.

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