There’s plenty of turmoil out there. Oh so they say.

But you know what’s working right now?

Trading VWAP breaks on earnings reversals.

Gitlab (GTLB) reported earnings and was trending down all morning.

So in the Warlock’s World we wanted to buy it.

And we got it right out of the gate turning $31.00 in $33.50.

100 shares of that is $250 in your pocket.

But we didn’t give up on the name once we were stopped out this morning. Oh NO.

We stalked the trade all day. And waited for another entry.

GTLB gave it to us at 10:26 am this morning — one hour after the market opened.

It was at the VWAP, and it was primed to go up.

We got in, made our money and got out in five minutes.

But showing is better than telling.

So click here, or the image below to see EXACTLY how you can find a new trade…

As VWAPians, this is why we revisit trades. Just because you have one winning – or losing – on a stock you’re watching, you don’t just throw it away. Especially, like GTLB, if it gives you a reason to get back in.

And it’s not just a one day affair, either. We can trade GTLB 20 times in one day, if the setups are there. But does that mean tomorrow we go hunting for an entire new list of stocks to trade?

Hell no.

Stocks I’ve recently traded are one of the major ways that I build my watchlist every day.

I could trade a stock 5 times one day, 13times the next day, 9 times the day after that…

If the setups are there, of course.

So if you think I’m not going to have my eye on GTLB – or any of the other stocks we traded today in Warlock’s World – for potential trades in the next few days, you might be as nuts as I am.

To learn how to fully unlock the power of VWAP, how to find and trade these crazy names, and how to make money when the market is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs…

Then you’ve got to be trading live with me every day in Warlock’s World.


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