I want you to remember this acronym KISS.

It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

And it applies to how we attack the markets every day.

In the past, I’ve trained dozens of people to trade around VWAP breaks.

And once they started making money, using my methods, I let them go free into the markets to make their own way.

Then, inevitably, they would come back to me and say Kenny I blew up my account.

How did they do this?

They would abandon everything I taught them and do something complicated like trading gold futures or complicated options or FOREX.

So this is where KISS comes into play.

There’s a million ways out there that you can blow up your account.

Strangles, butterflies, naked options, you name it.

These are not for us. We only trade VWAP breaks because they work.

And if you trade VWAP breaks on earnings reports, it’s the simplest way for you to make a day’s pay.

You could have done that today with SE and DKS like we did in the Warlock’s World today.

SE in particular was the easiest one to play today as seen in the image below…

SE did a dip and rip, one of the chart patterns you should accustom yourself to see.

It’s a simple trade. It works, and that’s why we look for it.

The stock dipped at the open, and then broke VWAP to the upside.

VWAP break at $70.70 got you all the way up to $77.91

It wasn’t complicated, and your total risk if you bought it at the VWAP break was the low of the day.

You risked fifty cents to make seven dollars. 100 shares of that is $700 and an easy day’s pay.

But look what we did here.

I’m not talking about buying calls, or selling puts or anything to complicate the matter here.

The easiest trade that you can do is trading a VWAP break on an earnings report.

If you aren’t trading yet, or need somewhere to start, or have been losing money…

THIS is what works out there.

THIS is simple.

So do THIS. Trade VWAP breaks on earnings reports.

Don’t complicate things, and you’ll make profits like we did today in the Warlock’s World.

As always if you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot them to me at KennyGlick@MoneyMapPress.com.


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