The headlines are going to tell you that the sky is falling…

The financial industry is in tatters they’ll say.

The markets are going to tank! It’s a contagion! This is a once in a lifetime event!

And then this morning after all of their hooting and hollering the markets are up nearly 2%.

Did Apple (AAPL) care about what was happening in the financial sector?

No, Apple’s up almost 3% today.

How about Palantir (PLTR)? The AI sector must have gotten hit right?

Nope, PLTR is up almost 10% today. A VWAP break at 9:45 am got you from $7.30 up pat $8.00.

1000 shares on that move is $700 in your pocket.

The overall markets are up today despite all the gloom and doom.

On Friday I told you to keep an eye on UVXY and use it as an indicator of where the markets could go.

Were you paying attention to UVXY today?

Click here or the image below to get an explanation on what UVXY is…

We were looking to short it right out the gate this morning in the Warlock’s World if it couldn’t break above resistance.

And wouldn’t you know it, when UVXY fell, the markets started rallying.

Here’s what I’m getting at…

We don’t care what’s happening out there.

We aren’t holding anything overnight. And after what’s been happening this past year, it’s going to be a long time until I even consider ‘building a portfolio’ of long-term stocks.

This is the perfect environment for us as day traders because we only care about one thing: price.

Had you taken all the headlines and the mayhem into account over the weekend, you probably were saying to yourself that you should short the markets this morning, right?

How could you ever convince yourself to short the markets today when there was a clean VWAP break staring you in the face…

There is no delusion here.

We only care about the VWAP and what price is telling us.

You can’t have any preconceptions going in knowing where the market will go — especially from a Friday to a Monday.

Go into every day with a clear head. Trade around the VWAP. And let nothing else influence how you trade.

We crushed the markets this morning in the Warlock’s World. So, if you didn’t personally make any money today, I want you to join me today, be a part of a community that makes money off the markets every single day.


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