This morning Monday.Com (MNDY) reported earnings to the tune of 57% revenue growth in the fourth quarter.

So that means, if you were paying attention, you would have been looking to short it.

Easier said than done though on this one.

In the first minute of the day, the stock broke VWAP downwards, and traders sold off their shares — sending the stock from $143 to $135.

Then in the next minute, the stock jumped right back to the VWAP.

This kind of action is something you have to be extremely careful about.

If you got in on the first VWAP break, you would have had possibly a $7 move on your hands had you timed it perfectly.

But if you didn’t time it perfectly, you could have seen that profit evaporate as it nearly went right back to the price it came from.

I would say if you are fast enough that the opening bell is extremely profitable to trade.

But it’s also extremely volatile.

Had you waited a couple of minutes for things to calm down, you would have seen a much easier trade to make as the stock chopped around below VWAP and then broke upwards.

Yes, the stock was up 10% on the earnings report, but if it’s breaking VWAP after consolidating sideways, that’s a great sign that it’s bullish.

This break could have given you another $7 move upwards from $141 to around $148 before it then sold off.

The image below shows this movement with the white circles giving you the two VWAP breaks…

If you made money on this move, congrats! Your day could be over right here.

But what if you missed this move? Do you stop watching for new trades?

Heck no.

After MNDY sold off, it chopped around right above the VWAP but never broke it.

That shows that the bulls were still in control, and would have hinted that there was more opportunity here.

As I always say, “If a stock doesn’t want to die, it’s a buy”.

So at 10:00 when the stock didn’t want to break the VWAP, you could have bought it, and set your stops BELOW the VWAP.

MNDY worked out on this trade because it touched the VWAP three times before it went right back up.

That’s a triple bottom and an indicator that it didn’t want to break down.

Buying it here at $143 could have netted you ANOTHER $7 move like the two before.

You can see that moment in the image below…

You were risking a dollar to make seven here.

100 shares of the stock at a $7 profit per share, gets you $700.

Do that three times and that’s $2100.

That’s not a day’s pay. For a lot of people that’s more than a week’s pay.

If you can’t buy 100 shares, buy ten or five.

Whatever you do, make sure that your trades are always in the same amount of money until you get the hang of things and start seeing these patterns on your own.

Let me know if all of this makes sense, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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