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  1. Peloton (PTON), one of the pandemic’s favorite companies, is now dying. And dying quickly. In its latest bid for a turnaround, they’ve announced 500 more job cuts. The stock costs a little over $8 right now. Stay away from it. I was thinking about selling $5 puts way back in the day, but even that right now is too risky. This thing could go to 0.
  2. Pot stocks got a nice shot in the arm after Biden pardoned all simple marijuana possession charges yesterday. Meh. You saw that we were trading them, especially Tilray (TLRY) early in the rally, but we sold off before they kept taking off. I have no regrets, though. Pigs get slaughtered.
  3. Earnings are a topic that’s been coming up. They came up today. And they’ll continue to come up in the days ahead. Why? Next Friday marks the start of our holiday season, Q3 earnings, when some of the big banks lead us off.

The most important thing to know about earnings that I need to reiterate (you already know), is that with an indicator as robust as VWAP, we’re eliminating all of the noise that riddles most traders’ minds during highly volatile periods – like earnings.

With our method, we have our short list of stocks to watch. We have ways to play them. And we have our confirmation, the VWAP, to show when to move.

Making money can seem simple at that point.

On This Is VWAP, you’ll hear about the biggest movers and have things to look forward to every day.

But I want to make sure you’re trading alongside me with every single stock on that short list every single day.

The way to do that is with a premium Warlock’s World membership. And right now, if you speak to an associate by calling 866-698-4749, you’ll receive a discount that, quite frankly, might not be enough to cover our overhead.

But that doesn’t matter. This is all about you and your road to financial success.

The hitch is that this discount closes at the end of the business day today, so call 866-698-4749 now.

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PS: If you miss today, I’ll still have a special offer coming for you next week.


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