Forge Global Holdings Inc (FRGE). Ever hear of it?

Nearly no one has.

And yet it was up over 30% during the day as buyers started piling on the stock.

The kicker here Is that there was no reason that it should have gone up this much.

Stocks like these are pump and dumps. And they should be avoided at all costs.

Now, if you bought FRGE earlier in the day and sold into the move upward, you’d be sitting pretty.

But you need to do that. You need to sell.

Else you get a situation like we saw yesterday.

Starting at $3.45 for the day, the stock ticked $5.20 at 10:25 am…

And then it got halted.

You have no clue what a stock will do after that happens. In this case when trading resumed, the price was $3.60.

Those that bought at the highs waiting for more gains immediately got slaughtered.

Had you been caught into the FOMO and bought it on the way up, you could have been out double-digit losses when trading resumed.

Welcome to the perils of trading unknown stocks.

Can we all agree finally not to trade this?

Stick to what we know: trade the VWAP using earnings reversals.

Sell into the move, when a stock goes up. Take your profits, and be done before 11 am.T

Yesterday, I was able to point out several opportunities to members of the Warlock World room to make some profits.

Specifically, the earnings reversal on Best Buy (BBY) gave many a day’s pay.

I want you to join me there, test out my advice for yourself, and find the success that thousands have already seen. Click here now to join me in the Warlock’s World.


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