Trading the VWAP as the Market Crushes Investors
Like clockwork, CNBC and the financial media plays contrarian to the markets.

Last week, we saw ruminations of a possible bull market with our best friend Jim Cramer even calling for a bull market in several industries.

Coast is clear. No need to worry.

And then on Friday, we crashed.

Let the bloodbath begin.

Markets crushed traders on Friday, and some had the worst day of their careers.

But for those that played the VWAP, and the ones that followed me into the day…

Some had incredible days. That’s because they traded the day, and aren’t investing.

Powell came out with the Fed announcement, market reacted and those that were invested into long stocks got hammered.

One of the biggest things I teach for those that use the VWAP to trade is that you need to stay 100% in cash.

You don’t know what the market will do tomorrow.

No one does.

If you’re serious about trading with the VWAP, staying flexible and rolling with the punches is the best way to go.

Cut to what we did now on Friday.

We targeted Minerva Neurosciences (NERV) that day and it paid off handsomely while the rest of the markets freaked out.

And we shorted Workday Inc (WDAY), which, while a very boring trade, did well for all involved.

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