You’ve seen it plastered across your TV screen or headlining a newspaper… fear-mongering from the financial media saying that the end is near and we’re in a bear market or an imminent recession.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Despite what they want you to think, there are still “bull moments” out there.
What happens in a bull moment?

Dips are bought.

And when they are, you ride the stock price up, you set your stops and you get out with a profit.

When the gurus start saying stocks are dead, that’s the moment you jump in and look for opportunities.

You jump in and crush the people that are shorting the stocks on the other side.

As an investor, you’re not going to beat the market. So be the market.

Have the market tell you what to do. Trade what you see.

That’s what we did last Friday morning.

The headlines were telling everyone that stocks would start weak and that markets would be down.

Suckers sold the open, but we bought the open and targeted four names: AMC, SQ, CVNA, QQQ.

Every one of these names went up on market open.

My prediction was that Carvana (CVNA) would hit $83 by the end of the day.

And though I was wrong about the final price, it still screamed all the way to $50 during the day.

That’s a single-day trade of over 50% on the stock alone.

If you had bought a call option on CVNA, you could have walked away with over 500% gains.

You sell into the move, move your stop to the breakout point or VWAP, and you have a nice day.

One trade can set you up for an entire decade.

If you want to be a part of opportunities like Carvana, then you’ve got to join my Warlock’s World.

Because in Warlock’s World we teach you how to navigate the rigged casino that is this market.

Come learn to trade VWAP with me, and you too can set yourself with trades like CVNA.

That’s all for now VWAPians!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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