Hello, VWAPians!

The Warlock – Kenny Glick – here.


You know who I am.

I’m the man who called the Cathie Wood top. ‘Memba?

Kendra Glick called the top back in January

I’m the man who called another crash the other day.

I’m the man who made one of the greatest calls of my career on air with 8-Baller after a Fed meeting.

I’m the man who called an EXACT bottom on Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) yesterday.

I’m the man who said that $298 would be a significant price on QQQ and that it could be well defended.

QQQ bounced off this level to trade above $302.50 before cratering the rest of the day.

Even only 100 shares of QQQ could have returned $450 in profit.

On a bullish trade on the market on a day where EVERYTHING was selling off.

The QQQ $299 call expiring yesterday went from $200 per contract to $4.25 per contract at that time.

I’m the man who would have made sure you were watching the Qs at that exact moment if you were trading with me LIVE in my Warlock’s World.

You wanna know why?

I’m the man who has survived every market environment.

Up, down, sideways. I’ve seen it all in my career.

And it’s always the same.

Every stock is a pump and dump. There’s always a hedge fund manager they put on a pedestal.

It’s never different.

You can be confused the rest of your life, or embrace what we’re doing in Warlock’s World so that no matter what the market does, you’ll be ready to profit.

I’m the man who has a strategy that transcends all market environments.

I’m the man who…

I’m the man who…

I’m the man who can save your trading career.

I’m the man who can teach you how to capture profits from this market with a disciplined approach that risks minimal loss for massive upside potential.

I’m the man who insists you join my Warlock’s World today.

I’m the man who.

Stay nimble my friends.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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  1. Congurajulating all money morning members,today i understand when the market trades are$302.5could spreads $298,that profits of 4.50,or $450 of 100shares,but i can’t understand a call option of$299,woth 200 shares,so that i wants more informations how could i profits the next one.

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