Hello, VWAPians!

The Warlock – Kenny Glick – here.


Yesterday in Warlock’s World was the type of day that could have made your trading career.

I’m not kidding.

And it all starts in the premarket.

A lot of my Warlock’s World members ask:

Kenny, where do I find you in the premarket? How are you finding these trades?

I start EVERY DAY on Money Morning LIVE at 8:30 a.m. ET in the big room RIGHT HERE.

On FRIDAY’S I start at 8 a.m. ET with my LIFETIME Warlock’s World members.

That’s the earliest you can find me.

As for how I’m finding these trades…it’s no secret.

In Warlock’s World there are no secret scanners. No convoluted technology.

I’m not hiding anything.

In fact, ALL Warlock’s World members gain access to my multiday VWAP code, so YOUR charts look just like mine.

And I will show you which stocks I’m looking to trade.

I’ll teach you how to determine your own significant price levels.

Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the stocks I brought to the attention of Money Morning LIVE.

I was watching AMC after the stock had reported earnings

AMC (AMC) – yes, that AMC – was on my radar after the stock had reported earnings.

See that red line at the top of that high candle? I was looking for the stock to get over that premarket high of $13.50.

Shortly after the market opened, AMC ripped up to $14 per share for a quick trade opportunity.

The stock then made a turn to the downside. But because of the disciplined methods that I teach every day in Warlock’s World, I knew when to take my profits and live to trade another day.

And honestly AMC went from a good long to a fantastic short. After breaking VWAP to the downside at that $13.50 level from before, AMC tumbled to as low as $11.50 throughout the day.

PTON had high volume after reporting earnings

Remember Peloton (PTON)?

This is one of those garbage Cathie Wood stocks that was WAY overvalued during the recent bull market from hell.

But all I cared about was that the stock reported earnings and it broke VWAP.

When I brought PTON to Money Morning LIVE, the stock had risen above VWAP after setting a premarket low of $9.78.

PTON rose as high as $13.50 on the day!

These are just a few examples of stocks that were on my radar on Tuesday.

Warlock’s World members also benefited from my guidance on Plug Power (PLUG), Upstart (UPST), Novavax (NVAX), and of course the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ).

I think we might have had 17 trades that worked yesterday.

Which leads me to the most important question of your trading career

Do you have something working better than this?

If you don’t, you have to join Warlock’s World.

It’s basically free. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

Next time the market gets pumped into a bubble? You’ll be there.

Next time the market crashes? You’ll be there.

And we’ll be laughing and making money while “investors” watch their portfolio dwindle.

This is the kind of day where the day is OVER seven times over before the market opens.


If you’re not trading VWAP earnings reversals, you’ve missed the greatest trading year of your life.

CLICK HERE for a FULL BREAKDOWN of everything included in Warlock’s World.

And don’t hesitate to give our sweet angel Gabe a call at 877-212-9163 for a FREE account review. You might have credits available to you that you can apply to joining Warlock’s World.

I’ll see you in the room!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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