Hello, VWAPians!

The Warlock – Kenny Glick – here.


Did you know that since I’ve been a part of Money Morning LIVE that 93% of the stocks on my watchlist have provided an opportunity for profitable trades?

Or that as recently as Friday I gave my LIFETIME Warlock’s World members a trade that could have returned over 1000% gains?

Or that when I mention stocks on Money Morning LIVE, you should probably pay attention?

RDBX could have paid for your entire subscription yesterday

When I stepped into the spotlight with Voz on Money Morning LIVE yesterday, I was all about Redbox (RDBX).

That’s right – DVDs are BACK.

At the time RDBX was trading around the $7.50 level.

RDBX on the move in premarket

With my Warlock’s World members we traded this stock three separate times.

But even if you had just bought and held from when I mentioned it on Money Morning LIVE, RDBX could have paid for your entire Warlock’s World subscription….

RDBX topped out at $11 per share on Monday.

A trade of 1,000 shares – the size I usually trade on stocks around this price – could have brought in $3,500 in profit

On 100 shares, that’s a $350 profit, so even my small account players can get in on the action.

Like I said, my Warlock’s World members and I traded this stock at least three times.

By the time I came back to the big room for my afternoon session, RDBX had pulled back a bit, but it never went away.

Then it finally broke out to that $11 high of the day IN REAL TIME.

I walked ALL of Money Morning LIVE through the trade as it unfolded.

RDBX paid the savvy VWAPian again and again

Take a look at that image above.

No, not my beautiful mug, look at the bottom of the image.

On Friday I got in a little bit of trouble for offering perhaps a bit too much off my LIFETIME Warlock’s World service.

But I’m so nuts about getting as many people as possible to start trading with ME that I’m putting it out there again.

Let me spell it out for the guy in the back.

RIGHT NOW you can save $750 off my LIFETIME Warlock’s World.

You’ll never miss another RDBX type trade. Or the $3 options that paid for your entire subscription.

Because you’ll be trading with me – the greatest trader on Earth – EVERY DAY.

All you have to do is call our VIP Concierge team at 877-568-8270 and mention the promo code BLANCHE.

And the best part is?

There’s a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

That means that joining my Warlock’s World today for $750 off is RISK FREE.

That’s how confident I am in teaching you how to trade VWAP.

Our VIP Concierge team is here to make sure you’re able to get in – I’ve given them special instruction to talk to you about payment options.

Your first step to never missing out on a trade like this ever again is calling 877-568-8270 and mentioning the promo code BLANCHE.

And hopefully I’ll be trading with you in Warlock’s World soon.

Stay nimble my friends.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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