Hello, VWAPians!

After staying relatively hands off on Monday, aside from a MONSTER trade on Black Rifle Coffee (BRCC), I was back to my wily Warlock ways during yesterday’s Warlock’s World live stream.


With very few stocks reporting earnings, it was back to the old fashioned ways of VWAP hunting – following the volume.

Thankfully there were more than enough stocks to revisit.

Stocks like Clovis (CLVS), Twitter (TWTR), Amc (AMC), and Longeveron (LGVN).

Two of the stocks that I traded yesterday with my Warlock’s World community were stocks that I actually *gulp* ownBRCC and Peabody Energy (BTU).

While I like both of these companies for the long haul and that’s rare.

I don’t like owning stocks, so when I do you should, as 8-Baller says:PAY ATTENTION.

There’s constantly new friends coming into Warlock’s World, which makes questions like this inevitable:

How much time ya got, Bex?

One of the main reasons I don’t like owning stocks is that I’m not in control.

I’m at the whims of a rigged market.

When you’re a VWAP trader, you’re in control of your own money.

Everything that’s bad about the market happens when you own the stock.

The market is a pyramid scheme, and I think there’s no greater example from yesterday than this chart of AMC.

I refuse to be manipulated by this market

This chart looks almost exactly like a pyramid.

If you’re not nimble enough, or not paying attention to VWAP, this trade could have turned on you REAL quick.

Case in point, just a little while later…

Lookout below!

If you’re owning AMC in this situation, buckle up. It might be a long day.

But if you’re trading VWAP and renting stocks, I see TWO trades – a quick long to the upside over VWAP and a longer short to the downside under VWAP.

Why would you take any additional risk in a manipulation game, scam, ponzi scheme, when you could have ALLLLL the control?

VWAP will prevent you from being in some name you’ve heard of because your cousin told you to buy it.

When I say the market is RIGGED and MANIPULATED, I’m not just talking about institutions and hedge funds either.

The government algorithms won’t allow the stock market to go down.

How much time ya got, BERT?

In the run up to the 2008 housing crisis in the United States, ratings agencies were helping bankers perpetuate the crimes that led to the crash.

Banks would write terrible mortgages, bundle them all together, then the ratings agencies would stamp them AAA rated, or the highest value.

(Editor’s note: for more on this, I recommend the fantastic film The Big Short.)

Then in 2009, the housing market bubble burst led to the threat of capitalism truly being over.

The credit system was frozen. No one knew what to do.

Until the government came to the rescue.

In 2009, the government said “we’re going to build an algorithm to prevent the market from ever going down again.”

The whole world came together to fix a broken system. And in doing so they broke it completely.

In the time afterwards, there were a couple of so-called “flash crashes.”

My theory is that these quick, no bid crashes were caused by someone tinkering with the system that day and someone hit the wrong button on the program.

Someone broke the algo.

So maybe this is the year we won’t have a positive year for the market for the first time in a while.

But who cares?

Because we don’t own stocks.

See how it all comes together?

By joining Warlock’s World and learning how to trade VWAP, you become the manipulaTOR, not the manipulaTED.

The takeaway from yesterday is that every long trade turned out to be a much better intraday short. That’s why we don’t own stocks.

The war never ends. Every day is a battle. And we try to win as many battles as we can.

And the ONLY place to get YOU prepared to win these battles is my Warlock’s World.

Stay nimble, my friends.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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