What’s up, VWAPians!

8-Baller here…

My most popular nickname is probably the Fractal Assassin…

But MY favorite might be Professional Knife Catcher.

I’m not talking about some GOOFY circus trick.

I’m talking about stepping in and BUYING THE BLOOD.

But that’s because I’m a time continuity trader – I’m constantly looking at longer term time frames for my trades.

BGFV has been WHACKED on a daily basis

Look at this chart from Big Five Sporting Goods (BGFV).

The right side of the chart is the 1-day 1-year chart. I call this “the daily”.

BGFV has been slaughtered on a daily basis.

The left hand chart is the 1-minute 1-day chart – the chart that Kenny uses ALL DAY.

Look at that chart.


That’s a classic Kardashian Bottom formation.

So you look at the daily of BGFV and it looks scary.

But from a Warlock’s World perspective – on the 1-minute chart – this is a GREAT trade.

VWAP is the structure we teach. BGFV is above both VWAPs.

Blue line to orange line.

And we’re not spoon feeding you in Warlock’s World, you’re learning over time.

What this does is create an educated community.

We believe that working together as a community in Warlock’s World is incredibly powerful.

If you’re on places like Reddit or StockTwits, there’s such a disconnect between what the stock market actually is and reality. Every stock is going to the moon…


This kind of suspect information can wreak havoc on your emotions as a trader.

So what we do in Warlock’s World is use VWAP.

It’s an institutional trading tool – we align ourselves with these institutions.

To the newbies, this may seem daunting to learn, even though the Warlock has decades of experience, and the BEST team (including ME) at his side.

But guess what? He’s giving a crash course in all things VWAP on Saturday, April 16th from 12 to 3 p.m. ET.

He’s called it Define Your Trade.

And it’s RIDICULOUS how much information will be involved.

It’s pretty much an entire VWAP training course – for only $49.95.

$49.95?!? I told Money Morning LIVE that the cost of Warlock’s World was already too low!

I can’t leave my building for less than $50!

The doorman gets a little taste, I get the cleaners coming, the porter, the super…just to leave my building I’m out $100.

Not to mention gas prices or catching a cab!



If you’ve been dying to catch MORE Warlock, MORE VWAP…

Sign up for Define Your Trade, a special training class from the Warlock on Saturday, April 16th from 12 to 3 p.m. ET.

Don’t let me catch you not attending this amazing class for PEANUTS.

8-Baller, out.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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