Hello, VWAPians!

The Warlock – Kenny Glick – here.

Yesterday was a GREAT trading day in Warlock’s World – and it could have been done early.

If you’re not up and watching and charting during the premarket…you’re missing out.

This ain’t your Dad’s premarket.


Folks are always asking me:

Kenny, where’s your watchlist? I NEEEEEEED it!

(And yes, I realize there is a link above my watchlist *wink*)

OF COURSE I provide my watchlist daily.

I’ve been doing this for years and have finely tuned my ability to zero in on a small list of stocks that are in play.

It saves my Warlock’s World members some time out of their day.

But my DREAM is for my community to bring me – and each other – stocks to trade that maybe aren’t on my list.

There’s over 8,000 stocks on the market, and the trading conditions throughout the day are constantly changing.

Stocks come outta nowhere and are suddenly “in play.”

I want to help you get ahead of the game.

While Warlock’s World members may already be familiar with stocks that report earnings and stocks that are primed for a revisit

But there’s another HUGE aspect to building my daily watchlist that I want you to know about.

Premarket risers and fallers.

Also sometimes called “Premarket Movers” or “Percentage Gainers List”, Premarket riser and fallers are stocks that are rising or falling the most during the premarket.

An example of risers and fallers list in my brokerage program, Lightspeed

Some brokerages have Premarket risers and fallers lists built in.

In Think or Swim, there is a built in scanner/watchlist called “Pre-Market Movers.”

In my trading program – Lightspeed – it’s called “Risers and Fallers”.

There are also numerous websites that provide lists like this – easily found via a quick Google search.

Yesterday this list is where I found Cyngn (CYN)

CYN trading on high volume in premarket

… and Clarus Therapeutics (CRXT).

CRXT had high volume in premarket as well

Both CYN and CRXT provided the opportunity for winning VWAP trades before the market was even open for the day.

The great thing about finding stocks from the premarket risers and fallers is that there are usually a few stocks that are relatively inexpensive.

This makes it easier for my small account players to join in the fun.

This is what makes premarket risers and fallers such a powerful part of the toolkit to build your watchlist.

Of course, while VWAPians work their way up to building their own watchlists like a Warlock, they can always find my watchlist FIRST in my Warlock’s World.

That’s all for now, VWAPians!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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  1. Thanks so much Kenny for all the great information you provide to teach us how to identify good players!!
    I just was following you for a couple of weeks and I finally joined your crew today!! Yaaaayyy!!!

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