Hello, VWAPians!

The Warlock – Kenny Glick – here.


Go to a bookstore.

Go to the finance section.

There’s 10,000 books about stock trading.

You don’t need a single one.


We have blue lines and orange lines.

But Kenny, what do you mean we have blue lines and orange lines?

Let me tell ya, Blanche.

If you’ve seen my charts, there’s a blue line on there.

That blue line is VWAP – Volume Weighted Average Price.

It’s the ONLY indicator you’ll ever need.

And in Warlock’s World, I teach my community how to trade using VWAP.

Also on my charts, there’s a dotted orange line on there.

That’s something called multiday, or multiple time frame, VWAP.

Multiday VWAP is roughly an average of current day’s VWAP and prior day’s VWAP.

This price is often significant as an upside or downside price target or support or resistance level.

In Warlock’s World, my community received my code to multiday VWAP.

That means that all Warlock’s World members have the EXACT same chart setup that I have.

There’s no proprietary scanners that I’m hiding picks behind.

I give my Warlock’s World traders all of the same tools that I use.

And here’s what sets me apart from EVERY other “expert” in this industry…

I teach HOW I trade.

It’s not some pick service that I make you wait on.

It’s not some program or scanner or bot or algorithm.

To adapt a well known phrase to Warlock’s World:

If you give a trader a trade, they might profit for a day. If you TEACH a trader to trade, they could profit for a lifetime.

Just ask the LIFETIME Warlock’s World members.

My lifetime crew and I will have had FOUR bonus trading sessions this week.

Not only am I helping traders identify significant price levels on stocks that reported earnings…

But I’m teaching HOW to find these price levels for themselves.

Despite my demonic Warlock powers, I can’t keep an eye on the entire market all at once.

But what I can do is help build an army of educated traders who are part of the best, most supportive trading community on the planet – Warlock’s World.

And right now it’s earnings season – this is the best time for my signature 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal.

When it comes to earnings, everyone always focuses on the BIG NAMES.

These are the stocks that the CNBCs and Bloombergs’ talk about.

Most people aren’t trading mega expensive stocks like Google (GOOG) or Amazon (AMZN) on an intraday basis.

Yesterday, for example, it was all about Texas Instruments (TXN).

TXN broke VWAp shortly after the open

TXN was gapped down after reporting earnings after the market closed on Tuesday.

When the market opened the stock rose above my blue line – VWAP.

For me, that means it was time to consider going long.

See that red line? I drew that. In Warlock’s World, I teach my community how to draw their own red lines on their charts.

Those red lines are significant price levels.

Once TXN held above that red line, it made the stock a BUY to me.

And look what happened next. TXN rose all the way to the dotted orange line – multiday VWAP.

And then it BOUNCED OFF the multiday.

Remember earlier when I said that multiday VWAP can be seen as a potential price target or resistance level?

TXN broke VWAP at $161.50 and rose to the multiday VWAP of $167.50. That’s a $6 move.

Trading 100 shares of TXN would have resulted in a $600 profit. The market had been open for less than half an hour.

But look…

TXN kept rising on Wednesday

TXN continued to rise throughout the day.

When it DID pullback, it never broke my blue line – VWAP.

That told me that the stock still had strength.

By the time I came back to the BIG ROOM at 1 p.m. with my brother 8-Baller, the stock had risen as high as $171 per share.

(Speaking of the BIG ROOM, I’ll be back TODAY at 1 p.m. ET)

That original 100 shares of TXN could have netted a profit of $950.

And that’s just one trade.

Unlike other “experts” I’ll be honest with you – not every trade is going to be this kind of success.

But there will be MANY, MANY opportunities.

Did you know that 93% of the stocks that have appeared on my watchlist have provided an opportunity for a potential winning trade?


Of course me and the VWAP and the multiday aren’t the entirety of Warlock’s World.

For a FULL breakdown of what Warlock’s World is all about, CLICK RIGHT HERE.

I’ll see you there soon!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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