Hello, VWAPians!

The Warlock – Kenny Glick – here.

We’re in the THICK of my favorite time to trade – earnings season.

This makes it the best time for the trade at the heart of Warlock’s World – my signature 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal trade.

What exactly is the 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal?

Perhaps you’ve heard me mention my trades going from blue line to orange line.

The blue line on my charts is the 1-minute VWAP.

The orange line is the multiday VWAP – exclusive to Warlock’s World members.

When a stock’s share price moves from one line to another – which frequently happens to stocks that report earnings – that’s considered a 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal.

You can read more about it here.

Now, aside from this trade, there’s a certain approach I take to stocks that have reported earnings.

Frequently, when stocks report, there is an initial reaction in the stock’s price movement.

Either a gap up or a gap down.

These gaps are important for my 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal.

The key word being REVERSAL.

If a stock reports earnings and is gapped up, I teach my Warlock’s World members to look to play the fade.

Frequently, a company will report good numbers, buyers will pile in, and the stock appears to be going “to the moon”…only for price action to reverse course to the downside after the market opens.

This initial move to the downside is an opportunity for the types of trades that I teach in Warlock’s World.

Read more about how I play the fade here.

The other type of gap that I teach Warlock’s World members how to trade is the gap down.

This is when a company reports earnings, and for some reason or another, experiences a larger than expected sell off in either aftermarket or premarket trading.

But here’s something I’ve discovered in nearly 30 years of stock trading…

Stocks that report earnings and gap down usually find buyers.

It’s not always a monumental reversal to the upside, but often there’s room to grab some quick profits on a nimble day trade to the upside.

No matter whether a stock is gapped up or gapped down, the key to trading these kinds of stocks is defining significant price levels and VWAP.

To unlock the full potential of earnings season, join me in my Warlock’s World.

This type of education is just the tip of the iceberg.

Because Warlock’s World isn’t just another “pick” service, I teach my traders how to find and make trades for themselves.

And the best part? There’s a 30-Day money back guarantee.

That’s enough time to come in, learn and trade alongside me and my incredible community, and put some money in your pocket.

You could potentially pay for your entire subscription in that first month.


For FULL DETAILS of all the incredible benefits of starting your Warlock’s World subscription, CLICK HERE.

It’s my mission to make you a better trader.

And with your risk reduced to ZERO thanks to that 30-day money back guarantee, exploring the possibilities is a NO BRAINER.

Join my incredible trading community before earnings season starts to wane. We still have a SLEW of earnings dates left, and I’d hate to see anyone left out.

Stay nimble, my friends.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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