Hello VWAPians!

I hope you were in the house for today’s live stream of Warlock’s World.

The year of the earnings reversal continues to consistently WORK.

I’m not kidding.

Yo, guy in the back, you paying attention?

The 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal on stocks that have reported earnings CONTINUES to present winning VWAP trade opportunities EVERY. TIME.

Warlock’s World is the only place to get my proprietary multiday VWAP code.

Warlock’s World is the only place to receive guidance from ME – The Warlock – the greatest trader on the planet.

Warlock’s World is the only place to gain access to my team – my brother, 8-Baller, my coder Solid Jello, and Coach Brian King.

Warlock’s World is the only place to find the best trading community around.

Let me show what we did JUST TODAY.

ZIM broke VWAP to the downside

Zim Intergrated Shipping (ZIM) reported earnings. I don’t care what the company does, I don’t care about their financials or EBITDA or insiders or ANYTHING.

All I care about is that the company reported earnings.

ZIM was gapped up in premarket trading, so I was looking to play the fade.

See those red lines on my chart? Those are significant price levels.

Warlock’s World is the only place where I show YOU what the significant price levels are for stocks that I’m watching every day.

The VWAP break of ZIM at $76.40 five minutes before the market opened allowed a short opportunity all the way to $74.63 right after the market opened.

There’s the first winning trade of the day.

For my Warlock’s World members with smaller accounts, it was all about Yext (YEXT).

YEXT broke VWAP to the upside.

YEXT reported earnings yesterday after the market closed.

Again, I don’t care what the company does. These are just letters to me.

YEXT broke my significant price level of $4.20, and remained above VWAP for nearly the entire day, which is RARE.

From the premarket break of $4.20, YEXT topped out at $5.25 today.

I would sell into the move, raising my stops and securing gains along the way. Nice trade.

Next was StitchFix, which, you guessed it, had reported earnings.

SFIX went blue line to orange line

SFIX broke VWAP at $9 and it was off to the races.

And look where the stock went to. The multiday VWAP, only available to Warlock’s World members.

Blue line to orange line.

You know, I think there’s something to these VWAP breaks on stocks that report earnings.

In fact, it was time to bring in my broadcaster, Eric aka Bababooey.

Bababooey passed my VWAP test

Eric correctly answered the two most important questions about Oatly (OTLY).

Did OTLY report earnings? Bababooey said YES.

Did OTLY break VWAP? Eric said YES again.

He was right both times.

And that’s how Eric became a successful VWAP trader.

That’s FOUR stocks that reported earnings. FOUR stocks that broke VWAP.

FOUR opportunities for winning VWAP trades.

I’m no math whiz, but FOUR for FOUR is 100%.

Haven’t missed one yet this year.

Do you want to be like Eric and learn to become a successful VWAP trader?

Warlock’s World is the only place to do just that.

I’ll see you there, Blanche.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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