Hello there, VWAPians!

The whole market is on tilt right now and I’m the ONLY one able to navigate it.

Ask ANY member of my Warlock’s World community…

When does VWAP work BEST?


It’s why it’s the V in VWAP. It’s KEY.

That’s part of why trading VWAP around stocks that have reported earnings is SO POWERFUL.

Earnings bring VOLUME.

You know what also brings volume?


When do we see more volume and WILD swings?

During times of uncertainty.

Which is RIGHT. NOW.

Did you see what happened to the markets yesterday?

Warlock’s World members saw what happened and were LOVING it.

Just look at this chart of the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ).

QQQ was all over the map yesterday

After opening down, QQQ rallied to the upside, chopped around then fell back down.

Most “experts” would look at QQQ yesterday and say that it fell 0.4%.

I take ONE LOOK at this chart and see at LEAST four trades. Several more if you KNOW how to trade VWAP.

Earnings allows the Warlock’s World community to zero in on a group of specific names that are reporting, sure.

But with uncertainty and volatility, VWAP is the ONLY way to trade it.

CNBC would tell you it’s IMPOSSIBLE to make money in this “scary and untradeable” moment.

OR you could CRUSH this market trading VWAP with the BEST – ME – in Warlock’s World.

No earnings? NO PROBLEM.

You need a catalyst?


Me. VWAP. Price.

So get your butt into Warlock’s World for Tarzan Tuesday (if you know, you know), and after I’m done serving up BANGERS, I’ll sing you a love song.

I’ll see YOU in Warlock’s World.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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