Hello, VWAPians!

Did you see what we did in Warlock’s World today?



And if you DIDN’T take part in the rest of the Warlock’s World community HAMMERING these winning trades…


You could have paid for your ENTIRE Warlock’s World subscription TODAY ALONE.

The first thing to take note of is my Warlock’s Watchlist.

The Warlock’s Watchlist from March 7

Members get access to this list before ANYONE ELSE.

But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to wait for me.

While this may be what’s caught my eye before the market opens, that doesn’t mean that I change what I watch as nimbly as I trade stock.

But it just so happened that my first trade for the day in Warlock’s World was on Friday’s winner…Peabody Energy (BTU).

The Warlock trading BTU on Monday (editor’s note: all times PST)

What happened?

Did the stock report earnings recently? Did it break VWAP?

BTU 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal

The BTU trade was a classic VWAP trade.

Buy as the stock moves to the upside with minimal risk. Sell into the move to the upside and raise my stop.

Broke VWAP, broke the multiday. Blue line to orange line

Then I RAISE MY STOP to LOCK IN profit.


Remember how I said “You don’t have to wait for me?”

That’s what 8-Baller was saying on Friday when he mentioned Appharvest (APPH) to the Warlock’s World community.

APPH provided plenty of trading opportunities

This stock provided THREE opportunities for winning trades.

ONE on the initial premarket gain after 8-Baller’s recommendation on Friday.

A SECOND opportunity after the stock bounced off the multiday VWAP (orange line) before SCREAMING through VWAP to the upside.

A THIRD opportunity around the $5 area where the stock consolidated and never broke down.

I broke down the third opportunity in REAL TIME today in Warlock’s World.

APPH added EIGHTY CENTS from that level.

On 1,000 shares, that’s a potential $800 gain.

THIS is what we do in Warlock’s World.

THIS is what YOU could be getting from myself and 8-Baller and Solid Jello EVERY DAY.

And just like I’m saying YOU GOTTA PUSH THE BUTTON when it comes to taking on defined VWAP trades….

YOU GOTTA PUSH THE BUTTON and join Warlock’s World today.

That’s all for now, VWAPians!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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