Hello, VWAPians!

Yesterday, Warlock’s World members were treated to the TRIFECTA.

The three-headed VWAPian giant.

Me, the Warlock. The charismatic enigma, 8-Baller. And the VWAP savant SOLIDJELLO.

All on the same day.

I was hunting VWAP trading opportunities, cashing in on Roblox (RBLX) early.

RBLX offered a quick VWAP trade after reporting earnings.

This was a very quick trade, Blanche.

One of those blink and you’ll miss it type of opportunities.

But I STILL had time to let you know.

Gotta be nimble. (editor’s note, times in PST)

That’s a QUICK trade. But on 1,000 shares, that’s a QUICK $1,250 in profit. The market had been open for TWO minutes.

Later, Solid helped Warlock’s World members optimize their ThinkorSwim platform for expedited option trading.

Solid supercharged your charts.

Using his intimate knowledge of how to manipulate the ThinkorSwim platform, Solid showed the Warlock’s World community how to add charts to their option chain, including how to use the platform’s built in calculator to determine where to set a stop on an option based on chart levels.

This kind of knowledge is incredibly useful for all the option traders out there – which I know is a lot!

Then 8-Ball joined me in the BIG ROOM where we found an awesome late day 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal on Viacom (VIAC).

Kenny and 8Ball trading VIAC live in the big room.

This trade was SO MONEY.

And you know what the best thing was, Blanche?

It was LIVE in the BIG ROOM.

8-Ball and I were watching it, we were charting it in REAL TIME.

From the VWAP break of $28.65, VIAC rose all the way to the multiday of $29.60. On 1,000 shares, that’s a nearly $1,000 gain.

On just the two trades covered here, that’s a tidy $2,750 in profit.

Look at all this VALUE. Where else can you get this? Who could provide this kind of quality in ONE DAY???

Hi, I’m Kenny Glick and you should join my Warlock’s World.

Mic. Drop.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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