Hello, VWAPians!

Who’s ready to round TWO?!?

The first day of my Two Day Hall Pass to Warlock’s World was a SMASHING success.

The market was SUPER active right out of the gate, snapping back to the upside and RIPPING all day.

With so many stocks moving hard out of the gate, it was hard to keep track of them all.

One stock that I clearly remember zeroing in on was Fubo TV (FUBO).

As soon as I was in, I let my Warlock’s World members know right away. I even kept them updated along the way.

Warlock bought FUBO on 2/24 (editor’s note: times in picture in PST).

This trade is a PERFECT example of how to trade like a Warlock.

This was LIVE, active trading. This was selling into the move. This was raising stops to secure our profit.

I said that I was entering a trade in FUBO at $6.62 per share. FUBO topped out at $8.40 per share on Thursday.

On 1,000 shares, that would have been a nearly $1,800 profit. I think that might have paid for your $49.95 Two Day Hall Pass (and then some).

But Warlock’s World wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot.

Because it was my man 8-Baller’s turn to make our members MONEY.

During the Daily Decode, 8-Baller broke down the chart of Ironnet (IRNT).

8-Baller’s chart of IRNT from 2/24

During the Daily Decode session in Warlock’s World, the Fractal Assassin let it be known that IRNT, after a large move to the upside, was testing VWAP.

From a VWAP break of around $4.60, IRNT rose all the way to $5.95 on this chart!

Say you have a smaller account or you’re learning how we trade in Warlock’s World.

100 shares of IRNT from when 8-Baller broke down the chart would have netted a $135 gain.

That may not seem like much, but that MORE than pays for your Two Day Hall Pass.


And it wasn’t just me and 8-Baller popping off. It was YOU.

Just a few of our winners from Thursday

Nothing makes me MORE PROUD than what we did in Warlock’s World on Thursday.

You may notice something about these wins. It’s not all crazy, otherworldly gains.

It’s realistic. Everybody has a different account size. Not everyone can put on 1,000 shares or more.

But as long as people are learning the ways of VWAP – THAT’S what matters.

Of course a little money in the pocket doesn’t hurt.

This day was ONLY made possible because of VWAP.

It even garnered some pretty high praise from probably the biggest brain I know.

Garrett Baldwin recognizes the power of VWAP.

Well, it’s a good thing that Garrett will be joining me to trade the close TODAY from 3 to 4:15 p.m. ET in Warlock’s World.

That was day one, VWAPians.

I hope you’re ready for DAY TWO.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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