Hello, VWAPians!

In case you missed the INSANITY that was 8-Baller and I trading the Fed meeting in real time, let me break it down for you.

Because if you were there, you witnessed history, LIVE!

(And if you weren’t there, be sure to check the replay right here. That’s right, WE GOT THE RECEIPTS!)

I’m no marketing whiz, but the headline should read “WARLOCK MAKES THE GREATEST CALL EVER.”

Now let me show you why I’m the BEST and why you HAVE to join me in my Warlock’s World.

Here’s the first part of the setup, with the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)..

8-Baller and I marked the most important price level of QQQ ever, LIVE.

As the Fed fallout swept across the market, I marked this price level on my chart and said “If the market is ever going to go down again, the Qs need to break below this double bottom level of $301.25.

Then, I saw what was happening with the Proshares Ultra VIX Futures (UVXY).

8-Baller and I marked the most important price level of UVXY ever, LIVE.

Then I announced a key price level of UVXY at $15.16 and said “If UVXY is above this level, short the market, we’re probably going to roll.”

Then 8-Baller and I told some jokes and dealt with some troll who said we weren’t saying anything. Well look what the market did, fella.

8-Baller and I called the top of the FREAKIN’ market.



This was probably the BEST call in the HISTORY of my career.

QQQ peaked at $356.88 that day. After 8-Baller and I CALLED THE FREAKING TOP IN REAL TIME, the Qs fell all the way to $341! That’s a FIFTEEN POINT MOVE.

This is why I’m the BEST.

This is why you HAVE to join my Warlock’s World.

I’m not accepting nos or maybes. Join my Warlock’s World today so we can trade VWAP, dunk on trolls, and keep making greatest call after greatest call.

I’ll see ya there, Blanche.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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