Hello, VWAPians!

You know me as The Warlock. The greatest trader on the planet.

The Viceroy of VWAP, the Prophet of Profits, the Elijah of Earnings.

But, and this may come as a surprise to you, I am human.

As humans, we all make mistakes. Like this haircut:


We all make mistakes, even Warlocks.

You know what doesn’t make mistakes?


VWAP is never wrong.

That’s what makes it so special, it cuts through the confusion.

And while I’m the BEST — and you know it — VWAP is the Cliffs Notes, the cheat sheet of trading.

What I do is TEACH you how to use this powerful tool so YOU can have the same kind of trading success that I’ve had.

Well, class is in session, Blanche.

My sessions start EVERY DAY with Voz, Garrett Baldwin, and the gang on Money Morning LIVE from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. ET RIGHT HERE.

Then I ratchet up the VWAP wisdom as we step into my Warlock’s World from 9:15 to 11 a.m. ET.

Sometimes I even hijack Money Morning LIVE, like TODAY at 1 p.m. ET, when you can find me BACK in the BIG ROOM!

And now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I’m hijacking Money Morning LIVE on Saturday for my SPECIAL VWAP trading and training course from 12 to 3 p.m. ET.

My current Warlock’s World family gets in free, of course, but non-members can score a one-day pass (which can be applied toward a future Warlock’s World subscription, if you choose) for a KILLER price right here.

Legit – I used to charge a LOT more than that to be in my presence.

That said, today I want to continue our theme of Rules to Trade By in 2022

Because here’s the thing about ALL the incredible teachings and tips about trades that you get from masterminds suchs as Chris Johnson, Mark Sebastian, or ME: No matter who is giving you the trade, let the idea be validated by the VWAP.

Put context into any kind of trade recommendation.

I’m not saying to be skeptical, because, let’s face it, here at Money Morning LIVE, we’re lucky to have some of the BEST in the biz HANDS DOWN.

And I’ve been around the biz for a while, Blanche.

But just because someone recommends something, that doesn’t mean you should rush to get your orders into the market.

If you did that you’d end up bag-holding harder than Cathie Wood!

As the preeminent leader of the Warlock’s World, it’s my DUTY (hehe, “doody”) to protect my VWAPians at all costs.

That’s a big reason why I try to emphasize that I’m TEACHING you HOW to trade VWAP.

This isn’t Glick’s Picks.

I’m not saying “buy this stock now, it’s going to the moon!”

Then I’d sound like some idiot on StockTwits. Or even worse – Cathie Wood.

What I’m trying to TEACH you is HOW to use the single greatest indicator known to the universe.

When I say something like “you should be short the Qs right now”, do you immediately buy 20 puts?


Because that would mean that you’re NOT looking at VWAP first.

That would mean that you’re NOT taking the time to determine your own significant price levels on your chart.

That would mean that you’re NOT being disciplined.

These are the kinds of things that I try to hammer home, and that’s why it might seem like I take it personally when ANY members of my Warlock’s World take losses.

Because I DO take it personally.

Especially when I’m not only GIVING YOU the cheat sheet to the market, but also trying to TEACH you how to use it!

So no matter WHO is telling you a trade idea — 8-Baller, Tom Gentile, or even ME – let that idea be validated by VWAP.

In fact, I’m making this OFFICIAL because I want this to STICK – the Warlock’s SECOND 2022 Rule to Trade by is…


And I’ll show you exactly HOW to do that during my SPECIAL VWAP trading and training course from 12 to 3 p.m. ET this Saturday, Jan. 15.

My goal is to help you become the BEST trader that you can be, and I want to offer YOU unfiltered, undistracted help to answer ALL of YOUR questions.

I’ll really be bringing things back to VWAP basics, covering such topics as: defining YOUR trade, how to draw lines on YOUR charts, order types and how to send them with YOUR broker, and MUCH MORE.

Since it’s Saturday and the markets are closed, I won’t be distracted by Bababooey or stalking VWAP trade opportunities.

It’ll be just ME and YOU.

So make sure you grab your ticket for this FIRST EVER weekend training course with RIGHT HERE!

That’s all for now, VWAPians – see you BACK in the BIG ROOM at 1 p.m. ET!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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