Hello, VWAPians!


That’s all I have to say after that incredible trading session around the FOMC meeting yesterday

You didn’t miss it, did ya, Blanche?

If you did, here’s a little preview of what you missed.


Kenny and 8-Baller, watching the market burn
No joke, this was one of the sickest Fed sessions for us nimble VWAPians.

Not only did I predict what would happen and when, but also predicted the closing price of the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) to the PENNY.

All in a day’s work for a Warlock and his trusty magic 8-Ball.

You see, THIS is the type of insanity that I bring to Money Morning LIVE every day at 8:30 a.m.

Mark your calendar so you NEVER miss a session.

And I’m TAME on Money Morning LIVE compared to my Warlock’s World sessions, where I teach VWAPians the ways of the one indicator to rule them all.

RIGHT NOW is the MOST crucial time of all to join Warlock’s World.

Why? I’ll tell ya.

Because of 1-minute multiday VWAP reversals on stocks that have reported earnings.

Fed meetings don’t happen every day, but during earnings season, there’s a multitude of stocks reporting earnings.

And these stocks are RIPE for VWAP trading opportunities.

In fact just yesterday, BEFORE the Fed madness, my Warlock’s World family and I already had winning trades on Microsoft (MSFT) and Boeing (BA).

What did these stocks have in common?

They had reported earnings and broke VWAP.

So not only does that mean that joining my Warlock’s World ASAP should be on your honey do list, but it makes signing up for my LIFETIME Warlock’s World a no brainer.

Lifetime members gain access to the most powerful training aid on the planet – ME.

And I’ll show you why…

Let me show you something really quick.


Mystery stock setup shortly after market open January 26

You’ll notice that the ticker isn’t visible on this chart. That’s for a reason.

As I teach members of my Warlock’s World, it doesn’t matter what the stock is. We trade PRICE and SETUPS.

This stock in particular had gapped up in the premarket after reporting earnings. At the core of the 1-minute multiday VWAP reversal is that VWAPians can play the fade on this particular setup.

See those red lines on the chart? Those are significant price levels. Some of them I drew with my LIFETIME Warlock’s World members in our exclusive earnings session, as our mystery stock had reported earnings the prior day in the aftermarket. Others mark significant levels throughout the day.

For VWAPians, one of the MOST important price levels is the pre market high.

This is because if a stock breaks through it’s pre market high, there’s a good chance it can continue to go even higher.

This is sometime I teach ALL of my Warlock’s World members.

The opening candle wasn’t able to get over this key level, and in the next minute, our mystery stock was approaching VWAP.


Mystery stock broke VWAP on January 26

This second chart is a mere two minutes later.

At this point, not only has mystery stock broken VWAP to the downside, which Warlock’s World members are taught is typically a good time to go short, but it also has some follow through.

The VWAP break occurred around the $305 price level, a whole number, which, along with half numbers, VWAPians know are statistically significant to the algorithms that run the market.

The low print of the next candle was around $301.50, a half number. Go figure.

That’s a four minute trade that’s good for $3.50 per share. On 1,000 shares, that’s a quick $3,500 to start the day.

You wanna see something sick?

I exited my position shortly after the chart above, and when I looked later, I saw this.


Mystery stock fell even further than I anticipated.

Our mystery stock had slid all the way to $300 – a whole number!

It got rejected at VWAP twice and had the inverse Kardashian bottom!

That was another $1,500 left on the table from my exit!

You know what our mystery stock is?

Microsoft (MSFT).

This isn’t meant to be some boast about how I successfully traded another earnings reversal on one of the biggest stocks in the world.

My point is that we’re not trading stocks anymore. We trade the SETUP.

And the best way to learn how to trade these setups is to join my Warlock’s World community.

We knew about this setup going into the day because I had reviewed MSFT with my LIFETIME Warlock’s World members in our EXCLUSIVE earnings session the day before.

It didn’t matter about EBITDA, or revenue, or any silly ratios or metrics about what was in the earnings report.

All that mattered was that MSFT had reported earnings, and I had the knowledge and experience with the setup.

That’s how we trade in Warlock’s World. And that’s how YOU should trade too.

That’s all for now, VWAPians!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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