Hello, VWAPians!

Sometimes I wonder if people think I’m joking when I say to breathe out the negativity and breathe in the VWAP.

Sure, it makes for a fun bit with the psychedelic cat background (thanks Bababooey) and my Tibetan resonance bowl, but there’s a nugget of truth in there.

That’s because I firmly believe that VWAP is more than technical analysis, it’s a way of life.

It’s about accepting VWAP into your life and into your trading.

I know it sounds like religion talk, but trust me, I’m not a fan of organized religion.

VWAP is my religion.

And I rise from the pulpit to testify to the truth that is VWAP, starting EVERY DAY on Money Morning LIVE at 8:30 a.m. ET RIGHT HERE.

Then the real sermon gets started at 9:15 a.m., when I move into my Warlock’s World, where I trade the TRUTH that is VWAP, the only indicator you’ll EVER need.

I’m SO compelled by the strength of VWAP that I even bully my way BACK to this big room, like I am TODAY at 1 p.m. ET!

Can you tell I’m not only NUTS about VWAP, but absolutely OBSESSED with helping all my VWAPians attain VWAP enlightenment?

Much like how I use nimble day trades to get in and out of positions quickly, I push the good folks at Money Map Press to help me get my VWAP message out any way I can!

Take yesterday for example.

After I was done with the regularly scheduled Warlock’s World session, I pushed, cajoled, and convinced the powers that be to unleash me BACK into the big room so I could win over more converts to the VWAP way.

Were you there for it?

This session was exciting, fun, and informative for something that I’d NEVER done before…I put my real phone number ON SCREEN and took YOUR calls.

Like a drive time morning radio shock jock, I gave traders my direct line, and answered YOUR questions, looked at the charts YOU wanted to see!

And it was ALL spontaneous. Because that’s how much I want to see every VWAPian – boy, girl, furry, WHATEVER – learn to appreciate the power of VWAP like I have.

But you know something Blanche? There’s only so much I can do.

Sometimes it seems like it’s not enough that I’ve blessed traders with my VWAP trading technique.

Sometimes it seems like it’s not enough that Warlock’s World members gain access to my multiday VWAP code.

Sometimes it seems like it’s not enough that I point out key levels of stocks and give you the “if/then” statements of price action to look for.

What, does the guy/girl/furry/whatever in the back want me to push the buttons for them?

I understand that learning how to trade VWAP just like a Warlock ain’t easy.

It took me 18 months to fully learn how to best manage my VWAP trades.


Let that sink in for a moment.

But Kenny, you’re the greatest trader in the Milky Way Galaxy, if it took you that long I’ll never figure it out.

It took ME that long because I didn’t have the greatest trader in the Milky Way Galaxy TEACHING me the ins and outs like YOU do.

My point is, be patient. This takes TIME.

Any “guru” or “expert” trying to tell you that their “trading system” is going to make you big bucks overnight is pulling the wool over your eyes.

If you’ve paid attention, I’ve talked plenty, both in the big room and in Warlock’s World about losses that I’ve taken. There’s been plenty of disciplined losses taken LIVE, in fact.

Dealing with losses can have a paralyzing effect on traders.

It messes with our emotions.

That’s why in Warlock’s World, I bring on Coach Brian King EVERY DAY.

Coach Brian King during a recent session of Foundations.

Coach King is an amazing forex trader, but what he does for VWAPians every day is tremendous.

While I’m going bananas hunting VWAP trade opportunities, and 8-Baller is on the phone with all his deep Wall Street connections, Coach King is making sure that Warlock’s World members have a strong mental and emotional foundation to build upon.

That’s why I love Coach King…this is the part of trading that is often neglected, especially by newer traders, but it’s ABSOLUTELY crucial.

Because while we can paper trade and backtest any kind of strategy, the whole game changes when our money is on the line and the trades count for real.

As important as it is to know where to set your stops, or how to recognize patterns for trade entries, it’s equally important to manage your mindset.

It helps maintain your trading discipline, which helps keep you out of bad trades.

That’s not to say that it keeps you out of losses. Because remember – THEY HAPPEN.

Losses are a part of trading. 8-Baller says “losses are a stock waking you up to price action.”

That’s why Coach Brian’s time in Warlock’s World every day is important.

Because while I’m teaching you HOW to manage your VWAP trades, Coach Brian is teaching you how to manage YOURSELF before and after you trade.

That’s the kind of training that can help you become a master VWAPian in no time.

That’s all for now, VWAPians. Be sure to catch me in the BIG ROOM at 1 p.m., and keep an eye on your email, because you NEVER know when I’ll strong arm Bababooey into another session!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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