Hey there, VWAPians!

Did ya miss me?

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back in my Warlock’s World this morning!

Our good friends at Money Map Press had me running around like a chicken with its head cut off, so on Monday my good friend 8-Baller took the reins to Warlock’s World and ran with it.

Just look at what some of the VWAPians had to say:

Rightfully earned VWAPian praise for 8-Balller

That last one had me a bit worried that 8-Baller might steal my show…

But then I remembered its WARLOCK’S World and I’m The Warlock!

(Plus we’ve got something cookin’ that just might fit the bill… but that’s for another time…)

Thanks to all my VWAPian friends for showing 8-Baller the praise that he so rightfully deserves!

And great job, 8-Baller! Good to know I have someone who can step in if I want to get away…

It’s just SO HARD to walk away from this market right now when VWAP trades are working this well!

I start EVERY DAY bringing the POWER of VWAP to Money Morning LIVE from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. RIGHT HERE.

Then I get jiggy in 8-Balller’s my Warlock’s World, where I LIVE trade VWAP for the first 90 minutes of every trading session.

And sometimes, like today, I come BACK to the BIG ROOM to further testify to the VWAP gods at 1 p.m. ET!

If you’ve joined my Warlock’s World, you know me. You know what I’m about.


You know what the BEST way to get MORE of me is? Get in my Warlock’s World.

If you missed our little holiday soiree called Mistletoe Mania last night, not only did you miss out on some hilarious exchanges between everyone on Money Morning LIVE, but you missed out on the deal of this holiday season!

But because I’m so NICE (are you watching, Santa?), we’re EXTENDING this AMAZING deal through Dec. 26!

That’s right, until Sunday, Dec. 26, get an EXTRA 20% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE of my Warlock’s World!

How can Money Map Pressafford to pay me with these kinds of deals?!?

Here’s the thing, you’re NOT just getting ME (even though I’m worth WELL MORE than the price of admission, Blanche).

You’re getting Coach Brian King, who coaches traders with his daily Foundations class, focused on upgrading your mindset.

Coach Brian has been out recently welcoming his new baby girl into the world (Congrats, Coach!), but he’ll be back real soon.

You’re getting 8-Baller, aka the Fractal Assassin.

My man is a wiz with charts and his unique ear-to-the-Street information is second to none!

AND you’re getting special appearances from my coder Solid Jello.

This is the Sorcerer Supreme of VWAP, the man who’s made my patented blue line to orange line trades possible for all my VWAPians!

Solid not only makes special guest appearances in my Warlock’s World, but supposedly there’s a whole lot more than that in the works.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you take advantage of this LIMITED TIME deal to get an EXTRA 20% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE of my Warlock’s World.

This is the kind of deal you can only get if you’re paying attention.

You know who pays the most attention? My brother, 8-Baller.

When I say he has special ear-to-the-Street insights, I’m not kidding, Blanche.

And much like how VWAPians ask me how they can build their watchlist just like a Warlock, I’ve heard VWAPians often wonder how 8-Baller has his special insights…

8-Baller has a gift… my boy’s wicked smaht.

But how YOU can benefit from him the MOST is from his experience!

Here’s the thing… we’re kindred spirits.

We’re not out here to tell you to buy this or buy that… as 8-Baller loves to say, “I’m not your broker.”

What we ARE here to do is GIVE you the benefit of our YEARS of trading experience.

8-Baller has done it all – prop trading, working trading desks, fund management… you name it!

But just like me, now he understands and RESPECTS the POWER of VWAP.

Much like building a watchlist, there’s certain things to LOOK for in the markets.

And THAT’S something that 8-Baller excels at!

Like I keep saying, ear to the street.

So how does he get this ear-to-the-street information?

Some of it comes from personal contacts. But the rest of it comes from keeping an eye on what’s going on in the markets.

Just a fraction of 8-Baller’s watchlist

8-Baller keeps a running watchlist of EVERYTHING he’s keeping an eye on, on the side of his ThinkorSwim chart AT ALL TIMES.

This lets him know WHERE the money is flowing into and out of the market.

Just a FEW of the key symbols that he’s ALWAYS watching:

  1. Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)
  2. U.S. Dollar Index (DXY)
  3. S&P 500 E-Mini Futures (/ES)
  4. Nasdaq Futures (/NQ)
  5. Put/Call Ratio ($PCALL)
  6. Proshares Ultra VIX Short Term Futures (UVXY)
  7. Gold Futures (/GC)

This list is just a fraction of the key stocks and sectors that 8-Baller is watching daily.

He also keeps an eye on individual sectors, because when one stock in a sector is doing well, it could lift other stocks in the sector. This is called pin action.

By being aware of what’s going on in the market at large, it opens up the possibility for winning VWAP opportunities.

Coupled with his incredible fractal charting skills, it’s easy to see how he earned the nickname “Benzinga on Steroids.”

So if you’re a Warlock’s World member, make sure you’re tuning into the Daily Decode session EVERY DAY at Noon ET!

Not only does 8-Baller review MY trades from the earlier session, but he offers the kind of unique insights that only he can!

That’s all for now, VWAPians, don’t forget to come join me in the BIG ROOM at 1 p.m. RIGHT HERE!

And if you haven’t already, stamp your ticket to Warlock’s World and take an EXTRA 20% OFF THE RETAIL PRICE. Better hurry, though, this deal runs out on Sunday!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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