Hello, VWAPians!

They don’t call me the wizard. They call me The Warlock.

I’m showing off WHY I’m the best EVERY DAY in my Warlock’s World and YOU should be there with me, learning the ways of VWAP.

Today, in fact, I’ll be in the Money Morning LIVE room at 1 p.m. ET to talk about VWAP and some of the exciting things I’m developing behind the scenes

If you trade VWAP, you should be excited.

You can also get a taste EACH MORNING starting at 8:30 a.m. on the Money Morning Live show, where I go over the day’s Warlock’s Watchlist before a SNEAK PEAK into my exclusive Warlock’s World from 9:15 to 9:30 ET.

Afterwards, I get BUSY in my premium room, SMASHING VWAP trades for my favorite time to trade — the opening 90 minutes of the market.

On Tuesday we took a VWAP ride on blue chips Walmart (WMT) and Home Depot (HD) earnings trades, as well as revisited our friend Backblaze (BLZE) for another VWAP win off the back of an IPO.

That’s what I do. I WIN. WE WIN.

You can find most of the stocks I’m waiting to WIN on at the top of the ThisisVWAP.com homepage each morning. Near the bottom of the page you can find the calendar of many of the stocks I’m watching around earnings.

Tuesday’s VWAP success in my Warlock ‘s World reminded me of one of my patented Warlock’s KNOWLEDGE BOMBS… and why one stock got banned from my Watchlist.


I may be a VWAP GOD, but that doesn’t mean that I’m never wrong. Although it doesn’t happen often, pal!

After taking GREAT wins on Walmart (WMT) AND Home Depot (HD) AND Matterport (MTTR) AND… you get my point.

After a BUNCH of SLAM-DUNK VWAP trades, I came across a setup late on Hive Blockchain Technologies (HIVE).

After one look, it screamed BUY. Why? Look for yourself:

That’s the DIP and the RIP. We should have been buying this. It’s a TEXTBOOK example of the type of trade I LOVE.

By the time we found it, though, it was in the middle of my patented Blue Line to Orange Lineā„¢ move.

I entered HIVE at $4.10, and then the IMPOSSIBLE happened. Upward momentum stalled. I took a partial loss at $4.08, and exited the rest at $4.06.

After we lost money on HIVE, we BANNED it. For LIFE. I don’t trade stocks I don’t make money on.

You had one chance to impress me. You failed. I’m moving on.

But EVERY DAY, no matter what happens, IT’S A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Today we learned that it’s okay to take a loss. And it’s okay to be wrong, just don’t stay wrong.

While it can hurt in the short term, lessons not taught in blood are often forgotten.

Plus, we turned it around, and went back to the well with Backblaze (BLZE) for ANOTHER VWAP win.

This was a GREAT example of staying rules-based.

We didn’t get greedy, we didn’t mope. We found ANOTHER VWAP break, and got BACK ON THE WINNING SIDE.

This is possible because of the opportunities that VWAP provides.

Be sure not to miss my sweet, smiling face trading LIVE at 1 p.m. ET today!

And as a special treat only for my Lifetime members, I’ll be hosting a SPECIAL EARNINGS SESSION today in my exclusive Lifetime-only trading room. If you’re a Lifetime member, keep an eye on your inbox!

That’s all for now, VWAP family — let’s close out the week with some more VWAP wins!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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