Hey VWAPians,

You guys know I’ve been around the market for a very long time… like before people even knew what “You’ve got mail!” meant.

I was in the market back when I had hair (yeah, a LONG TIME ago).

I’ve seen a LOT of investing-theme booms. The Internet, oil, gold, cannabis, housing, SPAC, WallStreetBets, crypto, and EV booms, just to name a few.

With every new boom, analysts promise some of these new companies are the new “blue chips.”

But ya see, analysts get paid to create interest in a stock. I’ve seen THOUSANDS of supposed blue chips turn into cow chips

Internet themes come and go.

You know what has saved me from becoming a bag holder in EVERY one of these “but this time it’s different” fads?

VWAP. Volume-Weighted Average Price. It’s that simple.

VWAP takes the emotion out of trading.

If this happens, then do this… Simple enough for ya?

If you can tell if a stock is above or below a blue line, well then, you’re good enough to be a pseudo-professional trader. You too can be a VWAPian!

And today I want to show you a trade I made in the Warlock’s War Room that had NO EMOTION to it — and drop a Knowledge Bomb on chasing stocks.

Taking the Emotion Out of Trading

Today some SPAC I’ve never heard of announced some merger with another coffee company I’ve never heard of.

Do I care if they are going to replace Starbucks? Not a chance.

Maybe tomorrow they will also come out with a new crypto coin that can stop global warming too.

Do I care if there is money to be made? You betcha I do.

Here is yesterday’s chart of Silverbox Engaged Merger Corp (SBEA).

SBEA 1-minute chart on Nov. 2, 2021 – courtesy of Thinkorswim

While I was drinking my cup of Folgers (I’m too cheap for Starbucks) before the market opened, SBEA skyrocketed from the low $10 area to nearly $15.

Do I even care what the company does? Nope.


I DO NOT CARE what the business of the stock is. Every symbol is just letters to me.

All I care about is making money. Let the so-called “anal”ysts figure out what valuation it deserves.

The VWAP chart of ANY stock is ALL the analysis I need.

This chart is a perfect example of what I preach every day in the Warlock’s War Room.

In fact, here’s one of my favorite Knowledge Bombs: It’s not a chase if you get the base.

Do you see how long that SBEA base was? It had NO CLEAR direction until it broke the 1-minute VWAP. On page 423 of the Kenny Glick VWAP Trading Manual, it says that is a BUY SIGNAL.

This trade had NO EMOTION to it.

TWICE the stock tested the VWAP and held. The chart TOLD YOU to stay long.

Folks, that is how to keep your emotions OUT of trading… just watch and abide by the VWAP.

I USED TO care about what a company or stock did — but caring is what got me in trouble. Caring about a stock is what cost me a ton of money.

In my best gangsta impression…”Sorry, Mr. Stock Market, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business“.

EVERY DAY I give Warlock’s War Room trading lessons so THEY TOO can take the emotion out of trading.

Come join us.

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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