Hey VWAPians!

Hopefully we all had a great weekend — I know I did!

If you haven’t already joined me in my Warlock’s World, you’ve missed out on some AMAZING VWAP trading opportunities. We’re hunting stocks that are making BIG moves, usually around an earnings report.

You can get a taste of my winning ways each morning at 8:30 a.m. ET on the Money Morning LIVE show right here. I’ll review my Warlock’s Watchlist for the day, then give a 15-minute SNEAK PEEK of my exclusive Warlock’s World from 9:15 to 9:30 ET, before I spend the opening 90 minutes LIVE trading VWAP in my premium room.

But for TODAY, circle back at 1 p.m. ET right here for another 30 minutes with your favorite VWAP trader.

Earnings season may be winding down, BUT WE’RE NOT DONE YET. Just last week we were presented with huge VWAP moves around stocks like Beyond Meat (BYND) and Blink Charging (BLNK).

We don’t NEED blowout earnings reports, because IT DOESN’T MATTER. With my trading style all we NEED is VWAP and some volume. It doesn’t matter if the stock goes to PLUTO or goes to ZERO.

I take everything you thought you knew about the market and I set it on fire.

Which reminds me of a patented Warlock Knowledge Bomb that I want to break down for 1-minute, intraday VWAP reversal trades.


Let me let you in on a little secret: The WHOLE market is an algorithm written with “If this, then that.” IT’S RIGGED!

I already know what you’re thinking… “But, Warlock, if the market is rigged, WHAT CAN I DO?!?”

Step one – Relax. Breathe.

Step two – VWAP.

On Friday in the Warlock’s World, I missed the first VWAP break of Bitfarms (BITF). If I had bought that first break, I might have hit my stop loss and had a losing trade.

I don’t think so, pal!

When BITF re-crossed the VWAP later in the session, I saw that it had almost completed the move at the heart of my VWAP strategy — Blue line to Orange lineā„¢.

The savvy VWAP God that I am, I was fairly certain BITF still had some juice left in it, and entered a position at $8.08. Look what happened next.

You can see that BITF broke above the orange line and continued to CRUSH all the way up to $8.29! How you doin’?

The dashed orange line is the Multiday VWAP, the Thinkorswim (TOS) code that’s available to everyone in my Warlock’s World.

Now, I’ve been hinting to you for some time that we have some game-changing charting software in development, and I plan on beta testing SOON with my Warlock’s World family.

My point is — if I had hit that first VWAP trade, I could have been wrong. And IHATE being wrong. But once I saw my second opportunity, I rode that bucking bronco well above the orange line.

That’s why I’d rather be late and right than early and wrong.

That’s all for now, be sure to catch the 8:30 a.m. ET Money Morning LIVE show each day, where you’ll be the first to hear about the stocks that I think could be fresh meat for this VWAP-etarian.

And for now, hop in this room at 1 p.m. ET and join me for 30 minutes of VWAP Mania. See you there.

Have a great week!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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