Hey VWAPians,

It’s Monday and you know what that means…

Come in fresh and let the market tell us what to do.

Be sure to join me LIVE at 9:30 a.m. ET…right here.

Now let’s work on your ill conceived perception of the market.

Here’s a little story that starts with my golf swing and ends with a new view of the market.

I’ve always had a decent golf game.

I was no pro, but I was pretty good.

I mean, I could certainly hit the ball…

And pull a decent score.

Then one day some friends bought me a lesson with a Pro.

I thought fine I’ll go, but what’s he really gonna be able to do for me anyway.

So I go check it out, and what did he do?

“Is that how you hold the club?” And my reply is a bewildered Uh, yeah.

“Is that how you position your feet?” Uh, yeah? Now I’m questioning myself.

“That’s how you swing?” Uh, yeah, but at this point I know I’m in trouble.

“Well you are an idiot. Everything you are doing is completely wrong.”

And he goes on to tell me how he has to UNDO everything I am doing because it’s completely wrong.

Only then can he show me where to put my feet, how to hold the club… and how to swing.

Well guess what, my friends?

That IS The Market.

Everything you have been conditioned to believe – it’s all wrong.

You have to forget everything you’ve ever been told.

Only then can you learn what really matters when it comes to trading.

And that is VWAP.

Today I’m going to take you further down this path and help you see why I trade first and invest second.

Don’t miss my LIVE trading hour at 9:30 a.m. ET…right here.

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But on Mondays I like to just come in and let the market show me what’s moving.


Long-term investing in a market that never goes down? It’s pretty easy, right?

Everyone is a genius.

But not everyone wants to do that.

I know I don’t.

To be fair, the “Glick Family Fund” is and has been long the QQQ pretty much since inception.

I personally day trade as a hedge to my family portfolio.

Think about that… I am my own hedge fund.

(I can hold stocks in a long-term account… and then day trade against the core positions in another account. But we’ll talk more about that later on.)

So while my dad is long the QQQ and refuses to ever sell ANY of it… Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been making money on the short side of the Qs.

It’s the best of both worlds over here.

Except for the current state of the New York sports market…

Short the JETS anyone?

Mood after the 3rd interception, but before the 4th

But I digress…

The crazy thing with investing in the market is that most stocks seem to stink.

It’s true.

You buy something and it’s up big… for a while.

Then it goes down, you hold it, thinking it should go back up; but it seems to go nowhere.

How can that be when the market never goes down?

It’s Because Most Stocks Stink.

And don’t get me started on the ORPHs… people bought in at $70 and it’s now trading at $4.

That’s a real candle high at $77.77

That move to 70 happened in one day… and you will never see it there again.

There are plenty of people still holding on to hope though.

And that’s why I don’t invest in stocks – I trade stocks.

Get in and get out.

Stay on the right side of VWAP and you’ll never be caught holding the bag.

The only investment I’ve needed is the QQQ.

It’s about putting your passive investment dollars to work where the money wants to be.

When hundreds of ETFs hold Apple (APPL). How can it go down?

Pensions, 401k, DRIPS, you name it… they’ve all got AAPL and the other big name stocks in the QQQ.

So when someone asks me, what’s AAPL gonna do?

I say who cares, just own the Qs. Might as well own them all.

But what I do here at ThisIsVWAP is about making money, not investing.

It’s about making “a day’s pay” and generating income.

Then you do what you want with it.

Over the last 8-10 years if I made $1k on a day… $200 goes right into the QQQ, that’s house money in the QQQs baby.

That’s how you build wealth.

Generate income. Then put that money to work for you.

That’s the point though.

I try to make money here, then take some of it and put it to work on all the other ideas… options plays, longer term bets, shorting the JETS, whatever you’re into.

It all starts with trading VWAP.

Join me LIVE every day at 9:30 a.m. ET and Start Paying Attention.

Check out my rolling watchlist here, as well as my daily Warlock Watchlist at the top of ThisIsVWAP.com.

See you in the room!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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