Hey VWAPians,

Knowing when NOT to trade is great.

Yesterday morning was an example of this.

You know what was happening yesterday morning?

Squadoosh – It’s a technical term for choppy, doing nothing or squat.

You know what I like to do on days like that?

I like to sit back and observe.

You don’t have to come in every day anxious to jump on a trade.

Trades always come, so just chill out and wait for the opportunity to present itself.

Breathe In the VWAP, Breathe Out the Confusion

And just like that…

Opportunity presented itself in Corvus Pharmaceuticals (CRVS) with a Blue-Sky Breakout.

But it took something a lot of traders lack… patience.

So today I’m going to show you why I’m so excited to get my service up and running (be patient, it’s coming soon) with a deep-dive into the CRVS move that just took a little bit of time, and patience, to reveal itself.

Just to reiterate because I get a lot of questions about this… my VWAP trading service IS coming soon. You won’t have to wait too much longer.
For now, sit back and learn as much as possible while enjoying the time we do have together in my LIVE trading hour at 9:30 a.m. ET…right here.

And as always…

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This morning was all about being calm and letting the trade come to you…. Corvus Pharmaceuticals (CRVS) did just that.

Take a look at what the stock was doing in the morning… just chopping around the VWAP.

CRVS broke below the VWAP and touched the closing price from 2 days prior at $5.32, then got pushed back above the VWAP testing premarket highs… chop, chop… back and forth.

Morning Chop In CRVS

As ugly as the chart looked, with a little patience, a pattern began to form.

CRVS never got back down to the low. In fact, each subsequent low was higher than the last.

After making a 3rd higher low, the stock broke above VWAP and made a strong move with increased volume to break above the day’s high and the next level of concern at $5.80 (day’s high from 2 days prior).

The stock pulled back on the break, but as VWAPians, we know the VWAP (blue line) is in play.

The only question… will VWAP hold or break?

As you can see in the chart, the stock bounced off VWAP making a move back above $5.80 and continuing to the next level up… the previous day’s close at $6.17.

Higher Lows, VWAP break

If the stock breaks one level, then we look to the next level…

One price level begets the next.

This is the language of the markets, It’s all in the algorithm.

And there was only one level left to a Blue-Sky Breakout in CRVSthe 52-week high at $6.90, set the day before.

CRVS accelerates on the break

So what does the company do? And why did the stock take off like this?

Who cares… there was more buying than selling. That’s all that matters when trading the markets.

The real lesson is that being patient through the chop and paying attention to the little things got us paid.

When trading these “insane” names, as I like to call themalways be on the right side of VWAP.

And this is why I am so excited to get my service launched… coming soon… because trades don’t always happen on cue when I’m in the Money Morning LIVE room.

The trade in CRVS took longer to develop, but I was all over it for the rest of the day… and that’s what I’m excited to be able to share with you in the future… more WARLOCK!

I assure you it’s all in the works and coming very soon… patience please.

Keep paying attention, let it all soak in.

And on that note…

Join me LIVE every day at 9:30 a.m. ET and let’s keep this train moving.

Check out my rolling watchlist here, as well as my daily Warlock Watchlist at the top of ThisIsVWAP.com.

See you in the room!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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