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With all the new readers we’ve been adding recently, I’d like to say a quick thank you to everyone that has joined me on this magical journey.

Get ready to experience the market in a way you never have before.

I will be your spiritual guide through the magical world of VWAP… and the language of the markets.

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If you’re new don’t worry.

We’ll dig into the VWAP and what it means for your trading career, and of course I’ll talk about why you shouldn’t own stocks (just one man’s opinion).

Smile After You Make Money: Kenny “The Warlock” Glick

And in honor of any new readers…

In true Glick fashion (I say what others aren’t willing to say)…

Investing Is For Losers.

Did I just call my dad a loser?

Sorry, Dad.

But really. Why would I want to own any stocks right now?

9 out 10 stocks stink!

And for the first time in years, there are more sellers than buyers.

Not by a lot, but it’s enough that we’ve been making money shorting the QQQ every morning for the past week.

And those that have been following me for a minute know how insane that is… because the market never goes down, BLANCHE!

And that’s why, when we are short, we don’t stay short long.

I get my money and then I get out.

Today I’m going to take your blinders off and walk you through my reasoning for trading stocks, NOT owning them right now.

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Day trading is great.

I don’t have to worry about the overnight risk because I’m back to cash by the end of the day.

You know what that feels like?


I get to relax and enjoy my life… and sleep.

The next day I come in with no worries about what my stocks are doing.

I simply trade what’s in front of me.

It doesn’t matter which way the market is headed, I can trade either side without hesitation because I don’t own stocks that I’m worried about.

Why own a stock that is up 5 one day and then down 6 the next, when I can make 1 point trading it each day.

Enough said.


Yesterday morning when I was talking in the premarket show, I noticed a nasty move in Camber Energy (CEI).

Look at the chart below… On a percentage basis that was a pretty sick fall.

We call that a kiboshing. Someone wanted out and nailed everyone in the way.

But what happened next?

The seller was done and the stock went right back up creating a V bottom.

V bottom in CEI
Whatever that selling was about, it’s over.

CEI then consolidated and made a move over a double top and through the VWAP.

As I like to say – One person’s disaster is a VWAPian’s opportunity.

This is what we do here.

Premarket VWAP break
With an entry between 1.54 – 1.56 on the VWAP break, we could risk a few cents to make up to twenty – on a $1.54 stock.

You do the math – This is why I don’t invest.

If I can find trades like this every day, why hold it? Why invest?

Especially at a time like this, when everything is becoming a little more questionable.

Quick pops and drops is where it’s at.

This is trading, This is VWAP

We aren’t thinking about tomorrow or even past noon for that matter.

I’m in, I’m out… and I’m back to cash by the end of the day.

Join me LIVE every day at 9:30 a.m. ET and Start Paying Attention.

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See you in the room!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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