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But I digress.

Where’s the guy in the back?

This ones for you.

Sometimes you just have to flex your magic hat for people to understand what is happening.

I spend my time teaching and educating the room on the ways of VWAP.

But there always seems to be that guy in the back.

“All you do is talk about it, then the thing just happens.”

“I always miss it. Make it happen on my time.”

Oh okay, guy in the back… It’s just the stock market – one of the most unforgiving places in the universe.

But sure, I’ll just pull something out of my hat for you.

Should I dance for you too? Or just the trade? Just the trade? Okay… I got you.

Sometimes I need my third eye

Today, I’m going to show you how I conjured up a trade in Aterian, Inc. (ATER) for the guy in the back.

And why you should have shorted the Qs yesterday morning.

No more excuses. You’ve been paying attention. You know the trade setups. Let’s go.

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I went through the trades yesterday morning…

The Qs were a short trade again, if you can believe it.

And don’t say you didn’t hear about it… it was only the exact same setup as the day before.

Come on Blanche… I’m teaching here… Listen with your Brain, not just your Ears.

What happened Friday?

Qs went up, then rolled over.

We shorted when they broke below the VWAP and the premarket high.

QQQ short last from Friday

And remember Monday?

We went short the Qs again, oh my…

Check that chart out.

Qs went up, then we went short when they crossed the VWAP and fell below the low of the day, which was set on the opening candle.

QQQ short again on Monday

And yesterday?

Look at the chart below.

The Qs went up and then rolled over.

There was a short trade staring you in the face when they crossed below the VWAP and the low of the day.

Look familiar, Blanche?

It’s the same chart, Every Day…

Do I need to push the buttons for you?

Same Chart, Different Day

But fine, here’s a trade out of thin air for you…


Alright guy in the back, let me just conjure something up in ATER for you.

When I pulled ATER up, it was pushing a second VWAP break to the upside. Okay I can see some potential here.

And since we had made money on it yesterday, it was the perfect candidate to take a shot on.

We’re In

I called out the trade for the guy in back at 16.21.

It chopped around for the first couple minutes so I left the room… this usually helps stocks do things.

When I came back we were in the green. You’re welcome.

And that’s all it took, I said to start taking some off at 16.38.

It continued to make a push…. 16.40, 16.48, 16.50. Taking some off along the way.

If it breaks out from here, we’re going somewhere.

But regardless, we already rang the register. That’s key to my trading. You gotta take some off as it’s moving in your direction.

So at this point, I said to lock it in with a stop at break even on the rest.

Now raise your stops to lock it in

And it couldn’t have been more than a couple minutes before we were stopped out of the trade.

That’s how you pull something out of thin air… using your third eye magic.

ATER for the quick scalp on command.

Not good enough Blanche?

“But I thought you said if it broke 16.50 this could really get moving?”

I Did, But IT Didn’t – That’s trading.

You see why I sell into the move now?

We are grabbing profits along the way because – the reality is – we don’t know what will happen next.

So we lock it up as we go along, and move the stops up so no one can take it away from us.

But here’s the catch… If it did end up breaking above 16.50, we would have been able to capitalize on a bigger move because we didn’t sell it all at one price.

On this specific trade, the breakout didn’t happen… and we still got paid. How great is that???

It’s Fu-nominal is what it is.

I can’t be there to push the buttons for you. I’m just here to give you the levels and make sure you are on the right side of the trade.

You have to make up your own trading decisions and of course…. push the buttons.

In the end, by taking profits along the way and locking it in with a stop, we can end up green on trades many others get crushed on.

And at the same time, we still get to take advantage of a bigger move if the next level gives way.

That’s professional trading, my friend.

If you’re ready for more – Nay – IF you can handle more…

I’m trading LIVE every day, right here at 9:30 a.m. ET.

See you in the room!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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