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But first. I want to be sure you know who your friends are.

It’s no secret that I have no love for the industry – I have no love for analysts and I have no love for Goldman.

Earlier this week I was talking to Mark about this very thing. Do I need to remind you about the AMD downgrade?

– At around $4, right before the stock became one of the greatest investments of all time.

Thanks Goldman!

Listen to me…Goldman is not your friend. Analysts are not your friends. Cramer is not your friend.

I am your only friend. I am trying to show you the light.

VWAP is the light.

You wouldn’t trade with a blindfold on.

But that’s what you are doing when you listen to the Goldmans and ignore the VWAP.

I’m going to open your eyes today, so be sure to continue reading below…

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Stop Listening To The Analysts

Not to be conceited, but I’m more savvy about stocks than most people.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s not due to schooling or spending hours crunching numbers.

It’s actually much more simple than any of that.

Most people read the news – and that’s actually their problem.

These people think the Goldmans and Morgan Stanleys are out there to help them.

Boy are they ever wrong.

Nobody knows more than the price of the stock, and that’s all we trade.

VWAPian’s are the market.

We aren’t guessing what’s happening we DO what IS happening.

I’m not trying to outsmart anyone.

While others are reading the news and listening to Cramer on CNBC, I’m just letting the price tell me what to do.

You think Cramer is your friend?

Jim “Bear Stearns is fine” Cramer? The same guy who told a viewer “do not take your money out” when it was $62, just to see it completely defunct within a week?

Come on people. Wake up.

CNBC, the Morgan Stanleys, and the Goldmans have an agenda. And it’s not to help you.

If you’ve been paying attention to me, you know the market never goes down.

So how are the big money players going to get in at a low price?

They have to make it go down, that’s how.

And to do this they use media scare tactics to entice you to sell so they can be on the bid and take your money.

It’s called a wealth transfer.

The point – Nobody knows anything.

Goldman said 2020 will be the worst year in history. March 2020 was one of the best buying opportunities in the history of the market..

The 1929 crash took 26 years to come back and the 1987 crash took 12 years to get back.

But March of 2020?

3 weeks and it was off to the races.

Chart: courtesy of stockcharts.com

Thank You GOLDMAN!

Never forget this… They are not trying to help you.

The only truth in the market is PRICE.

It’s the only thing that matters.

And what is Price? It’s volume, It’s VWAP.

Forget about reading. Forget about Goldman, Cramer, and CNBC.

DO what the stock is DOING.

We aren’t guessing – We Are Doing.

The market is built on an algorithm.

And VWAP is the language of the algorithm… and I’m trading it every day.

Join me LIVE right here at 9:30 a.m. ET to see what I end up playing today.

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See you in the room!

Kenny “The Warlock” Glick


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