Hey there, VWAPians!

I’ve seen lots of people I respect and admire successfully use a 12-step program to break some really bad habits…

And I wanted to take that same methodology and apply it to a problem I see in my world every single day: An addiction to horrible trading decisions.

Let me preface by saying I am in no way, shape, or form making fun of serious addiction — being a former stand-up comedian who also put my time in on Wall Street, I’ve seen too many people I care about succumb to drugs and alcohol. (If you’re struggling with this, please visit this website.)

But humor is how I bring light to dark situations, so please keep that in mind while reading this.

Before you take me TOO seriously, I present Exhibit A

That said, in the big book of Kenny Glick, a “horrible trading decision” is defined as, “Any trade not based solely on liquidity and being on the right side of the stock’s Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP).

So, to those of you still losing hard-earned money by trading your neighbor’s hunches or overlaying a heap of useless indicators onto your charts…

I want to help you exorcise those trading demons forever and lure you into the warm, profitable embrace of VWAP.

Here are my 12 Steps to Breaking Bad Trading Habits.

  1. Admit you are powerless over VWAP and your trading has become unmanageable.

The first step is always acknowledging you have a problem — being in denial about your awful trading only gets you more fear- and greed-fueled losses.

Take a look at your trading records and journals, and if you aren’t hitting consistent wins as a day or swing trader, you probably aren’t trading the 1-minute VWAP.

  1. Come to believe that a Power greater than yourself — VWAP — can restore your horrible trading to sanity.

Like many of you, I struggled for years trying to find my trading lane — and I lost a lot of money along the way.

However, once I was introduced to VWAP ? GAME-CHANGER.

If you need “evidence” of VWAP’s power, I provide it almost daily from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. ET each trading daywatch me do it LIVE right here, if you don’t believe me!

  1. Make a decision to turn your trading — nay, your LIFE — over to the care of Kenny Glick, who is never wrong.*

*OK, OK – sometimes wrong, but not often

Do you ENJOY losing money, BLANCHE? Well, do ya?


If not, you should take care to remember two things: That EVERYTHING I SAY IS IMPORTANT, and that I’m usually ONLY WRONG WHEN TALKING TO MY WIFE.

But really, make a commitment here and now to learn all you can about how I trade VWAP — you won’t regret it, and I’ll be spoon-feeding you tidbits about my methodology via the This Is VWAP newsletter.

  1. Make a searching and fearless inventory of your bad trading habits.

We should all be keeping trade journals — it’s one way to keep us accountable, and having a log for posterity allows us to look back and identify things that work (like VWAP!) and things that don’t (like everything else).

Making an inventory of your bad trading habits should also include documenting your emotional trades. All of us succumb to fear and greed sometimes, but again, we have to recognize something to overcome it.

  1. Admit to God and yourself that you’ve been trading the wrong indicators.

Are you STILL trying to make REPEATABLE money trading those stale overbought/oversold indicators and pumpkin-spice-latte-level basic moving averages, instead of VWAP?

And how’s that workin’ for ya?

Not great, I’d imagine. Which means it’s time to SIMPLIFY and trade the only indicator you’ll ever need (VWAP, if you didn’t make that leap).

  1. Be entirely ready to have The Warlock remove all the defects of your trading character, like not being on the right side of VWAP/the trade.

If you’re not on the right side of VWAP, you’re not on the right side of the trade, and definitely not on the right side of LIFE.

Your friends and family are likely disappointed and shamed by your dishonorable character and trading habits — but the good news is, THE WARLOCK IS HERE TO SHOW YOU THE LIGHT.

They won’t just make a shirt for ANYONE, you know
  1. Humbly ask Kenny to point out and remove your trading shortcomings (publicly, if possible, and make sure you really beg).

Tune in right here at 9:30 a.m. ET each market day, where I trade VWAP LIVE at the open for a full hour.

I also take questions from the audience via chat, so seriously, show up and Ask Me Anything! I’ll try my best to address your trading deficiencies and show you how to be more like me, one of the greatest (THE best?) traders of all time.

Who says learning can’t be fun?
  1. Make a list of all persons you harmed by not trading VWAP, like your family and financial manager, and become willing to make amends to them all.

This step is self-explanatory, but don’t forget to put religious officials, long-dead ancestors who watch you in the shower, teachers who thought you’d actually make something of yourself, and pets (current and former) on that list.

  1. Make direct amends to such people wherever possible, including your former trading self, for not finding This Is VWAP sooner.

The best way to make amends to those you’ve hurt with your egregious trading errors isn’t to write an apology note owning up to your mistakes. “Sorry” is for suckers.

It’s to finally stop trading what doesn’t work and start trading VWAP.

  1. Continue to take personal inventory of your trading, and when you’re wrong, don’t stay wrong.

I drop Knowledge Bombs™ on my show every single morning, and one I cite frequently is, “It’s okay to be wrong when trading — just don’t STAY wrong.

And if you’re not trading VWAP, guess what? You’re still wrong, buddy boy (or girl).

Buuut… another Bomb I drop on the regs goes, “It’s better to be late and right than early and wrong.

So you’re finally in the right place. (About time!)

I AM pretty great, huh?
  1. Seek meditation to improve your conscious contact with VWAP, which is the only trade you’ll ever need.

Lucky for you, I meditate regularly while live trading each morning.

Come join us next time!

Inhale the VWAP, exhale the negativity
  1. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, carry this message to all your trading friends and shepherd them into the VWAP Light of Profitability.

Are you really a true friend if you don’t lead every struggling trader you meet into the warm embrace of VWAP?

Keeping it to yourself seems pretty selfish to me… which is why I love sharing it with you guys each and every day.

You’re Ready!

Congratulations! Once you’ve completed the 12 steps, you’re officially ready to be a VWAPian.

I’ll be coming at you again soon with even more VWAP knowledge, including the ideal VWAP stock and how I trade the indicator. Keep an eye on your inbox!

And remember — I am in no way making light of serious addiction. If you’re struggling to overcome an addiction to something other than horrible trading decisions, hang in there, and please visit this website.


Kenny Glick


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